Hey! I’m Yakub Abdulazeez, and I hail from Kogi State, Nigeria.

I’m a blogger and Internet marketer with over 5 years of experience in online business.

I make a living with my laptop and can work from anywhere I find myself (as long as there is power supply and a reliable Internet connection).

While I’ve had my fair share of failed projects, I presently have a good number of money-spinning web-based assets to my credit, and I earn most of my income online.

My aim with this blog is to help as many as I can to realize their dreams of setting up successful online businesses and making money online.

To achieve that aim, I share, in detail, my own stories and experiences. If I have succeeded at something in online business, you can learn about it here. And if I have failed, you can read about that, too.

I’m completely transparent in sharing things relating to my online businesses. I love being practical and straight-to-the-point. And I hate fakism and bullshit.

I firmly believe that there is no reason why almost anyone with the interest and right tools can’t follow the same paths with me. I’m sure you can match or even exceed my achievements, and this blog is my way of teaching you how to do just that.

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