The Truth about Making Money Online


Working as a freelancer or entrepreneur is great. People do online business and earn a healthy amount of money every month. However, people don’t know about the schemes, hardships, and difficulties of these fields.

To be honest, most part of this business is very catchy and attractive, but there are some realities and truths about this field I want to share with you.

If you are doing an online business, you can choose the following path:

  • Work while you travel
  • Work from home
  • Make a great income
  • Help tons of people, and more.

Most people want to start their own business. They want to earn a healthy amount of income regularly. They have a wish to get a luxury car, fantastic villa, travel first-class category, and many more.

Let me clear one thing, doing your own business, and make many online is not as easy as most people think. This job also needs full-time concentration to reach the destination. Therefore online business looks glamorous, but it’s not.

Wait, and don’t worry. I am not here to scare you about starting an online business. I am writing this article to motivate you to join this online field. Every field is tough but online business needs much attention. You just need to be careful while doing this business. If you want to succeed, you have to make sure to quit your previous work routine, you need to alter your feelings, you need to show maturity, and the most important step is you need to be a professional. All these traits will keep you pushing forward towards your destination.

1: Get rich quick schemes aren’t real

If you are using social media and you have seen a flood of receipts on which many successful bloggers showing their monthly income, don’t take this step easy. If someone tells you the quick and shortcut way of earning online, don’t trust it. It may be a scam. I want to tell you that online earning is not very much easy, especially when you are a beginner. Believe me, the shortcut of getting rich quickly is not real. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to do a tone of work to get a revolving chair.

I spent nearly one and half years achieving this post. I was aware of the fact that hard work pays off in the end. So I definitely recommend you make your first try.

2: Making money online means working 24/7

The best thing about it, I love to do online business, it is my passion. The bad thing is that I also love each and every step of this business. You may wonder that how this business is a bad thing.

It is bad because freelancing is online. It means, I need to give my 100% in 24/7 to this business. If I can put my efforts 24/7 here, it will be a chance to break myself, and I may become bore of this field.

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Meanwhile, this kind of work is great, because you have time to enjoy the other aspects of life. You can give boost your brain by doing other healthy activities and doing online businesses.

So it is very easy to say that I can earn online, but you don’t know how much an effort behind this business is. Because most of the time I forget to eat meals, less hours to sleep, not as much social as I was before, and many other aspects.

3: You’ll wear a lot of pajamas and workout clothes

If you want to jump into this business, you have to be aware of facts that you hardly get time to dress up.  Being a successful entrepreneur, when I need to dress up for video shooting, I just wear a nice top without matching pajamas. Due to this usual appearance, people don’t think I am also working online. Sometimes I feel hilarious by doing such kind of funny act. But the truth of online business is that you will forget to wear matching dresses and proper hair styling.

4: There’s no one way to earn money online

A continuous trial and error you will face while doing online business. If you are a newbie in this field then there is a chance to face unexpected hardships on every step. No will guide you step by step and put your finger in his palm. Things may happen sometimes slower and sometimes faster but you have to be patient by doing this business. Keep in mind, there is no guarantee that you will earn or not. Therefore save a reasonable amount on your back to use it on rainy days.

5: Some days you’ll feel on top of the world

There are ups and downs in every business, one day you will be on top of the world, and on the other time you’ll feel yourself down in the dumps. So you can say this is the hilarious side of the online business. Sometimes you will earn 100$ in a day, while sometimes 100$ in two weeks. Important thing is that you have to be creative yourself while doing this business, you cannot rely on traditional steps. If you ever feel this situation, don’t think it’s only happening to you. All business owners have passed once this kind of feeling. Therefore, if you want to be a successful business person, you just forget about your past days. Be hopeful and creative in every step of your business.

6: You don’t need technical experience to make money online

If you are thinking that you have no technical skill, don’t worry, the online field doesn’t demand to be a technical expert. To be honest, when I was a newbie in this business, I even don’t know much about computers. After two years, I became a master in it, and now you are reading what I am writing. Most of the people surprised to see my progress that how I change my fate within 5 years. Instead of dreaming, you can learn new skills, then offer this skill online and generate a good amount of income via online business.

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7:  You’ll need another motivator

It is sky blue truth that earning online is possible nowadays. For this, you just need a person who can guide you and motivate you at the time of need. Therefore it is necessary for you to join a company of those who are optimistic in nature and motivate you in every step of your business. You can also motivate yourself by doing different hobbies like traveling, exploring new things and many others according to your choice.

8: You may be lonely at times

The truth about online business is that it will consume most of your time. Due to this reason, you may feel lonely. The online business makes a person separate from other social activities. You can say this is a bad aspect of this business. It is a universal truth that online business increases your pocket money but reduces your friends. But the optimistic view of this business is too, which is that you can find and increase your friend circle online. So keep in mind this aspect while starting your online business. This will help you to make your life experience better for others.

9: You may be able to live your dream life

I started my online business about five years ago. I started blog writing at first. At first, the visitors to my blog were around 100 people. But now I am reaching 10000 people daily. This edge I and I earn a healthy amount for me and my family. My first intent is to tell you that don’t be scared about starting an online business. My aim is to motivate you to start your own business. If you follow all these rules, it is a bright chance for you to make money and live your life according to your dream. After reading all these points, it is up to you how you start your business and make your life successful. I try my best to make you realize that online business is a truth and you should do it but according to the terms and condition of the BUSINESS.

If you want to do online business, don’t follow shortcuts, just prepare yourself, choose the right category, be patient, motivate yourself and jump into the pool of online field.

I hope you have learned something today?

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