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 By: Abdulazeez Yakub



- POTENTIAL SALES: 30 Sales Per Week

- 30 x N15,000 = N450,000

Hi, Yakub Abdulazeez here, 

Thank you for your interest in promoting my CPA Secret Code!

I’ve got awesome promo tools you can plugin and use immediately and make crazy affiliate commissions. Personally, I’ve sold 600copies of this product to my list and other affiliate have sold up 40 copies in 1 weeks.

So this CPA Secret Code is a hot-selling product.

Right now, we have countless customers who had bought this product and testify it's impact in their finances, you can easily use their testimonies to make sales superfast!
You earn 50% commissions of N15,000.

Apart from your affiliate commissions, I am also giving away up to N300,000 for every 50 sales within 30 days.

So here’s a quick maths…

50 sales = N70,000 Prize money

100 sales = N150,000 Prize money

150 sales = N300,000 Prize money

To claim your money, send me a message via WhatsApp https://wa.me/2349028639517 with a screenshot of your sales record.

Download Your Promo Materials Below:

1. Promo Emails Swipe

If you have questions about “promoting the CPA Secret Code”, please watch the video sales page and read the FAQs on the sales page BEFORE contacting me.

However, my contact email can be found inside the Promo Swipe Files download here!

2. Facebook Ads Copy.

Here is the ad copy you can use to promote the CPA Secret Code on Facebook and get lots of conversion.

Click here: https://viewsprout.com/cpa-secret-code-facebook-ads-copy.docx to download the Facebook ads copy

Facebook Target Audience: Affiliate Marketing, Entrepreneur, Business, Small Business Owners.

Age: Men and women 25 - 65+

County: Nigeria

Note: Go to google.com to get beautiful images to use for your Facebook ads.

3. Free Giveaway E-book.

Download the free giveaway e-book and give out to your customers.

Download the e-book in word format so that you can change the link to your own.

Note: Make sure you change all the link inside the e-book to your affiliate link..

 Click here to download the free giveaway e-book.

4. Landing Page Sample

Here is a sample of high converting landing page, It is very powerful and it's convert like crazy.

You can use the idea to create your own landing page.

In case you need any other assistance kindly reach out to me on Affiliate@viewsprout.com

I wish you best of luck in your promotion journey.

To Your Success


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