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Did you come here because you are looking for how to make money with CPA Marketing? If so, I invite you to stay until the end, because that is what I am going to explain to you through this article.

If CPA means Cost per Action, then we could assume that CPA Marketing is a set of online strategies to monetize audiences through the promotion of CPA offers.

Does it sound like Chinese to you? How about I tell you that with this business model you can generate thousands of dollars every month? Now you really want to learn Chinese, right?

Well follow me; let’s break this concept down a bit more. At the end of this post, I want you to leave with as clear an idea as possible of the potential this has to change your lifestyle. And generate income!

How does CPA marketing work?

For this affiliate marketing to work, you need traffic from a specific country, that is, all the advertisements that you will do would have to be related to a country, which you want to present yourself. We can see an example of a CPA is:

  • If the CPA offer is for international traffic, you have the possibility that the people who subscribe may be from another country.
  • Something very important that you should know is that, to earn good capital in this marketing, you need investment in paid traffic, so this tool gives you the possibility of returning the maximum of your investment.

Benefits of CPA Marketing

The benefits of making money from CPA Marketing are limitless because there are so many networks competing with each other and every company knows that CPA Marketing is the way of the future for advertisers. This work tool has its benefits, such as you get a large number of profits:

As long as people do the right examples and make all the conditions clear, you can get fewer visits, but if you get a lot of downloads or subscribers you have a good number of profits.

You get more reach:

If you work with films, audios, or texts, they have the greatest possibility that users can download it and, this, is what helps to generate more public.

Something you should keep in mind is that it is very difficult to achieve an accurate sale and for that to be so, your content must be specific.

It is not so necessary so many visits:

The important thing about CPA marketing is getting downloads. This tool is the one that helps to eliminate many visits and a few downloads.

99% of people are interested in content that is direct and that you can interact directly with it.

It gives you access to improve the product:

As long as you visualize the product very well, you will get improvement and optimization based on what is necessary. One of the great advantages of CPA marketing is that it is not necessary to have a lot of technical knowledge.

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This tool to generate money with CPA marketing can be used on free pages like Blogger, which are the ones that are linked to a landing page.

You can work with various types of CPA, such as downloads, subscribers, adults, among others.

Here are the main types of CPA you can find

Commission for acquisition (CPA)

It is usually one of the most profitable. This assumes that the commission is calculated only when a real sale occurs through the indicated link. This means that the final consumer must actually acquire the good or service offered.

Thus, by its very nature, this is one of the least frequent actions, but at the same time the most lucrative. In fact, all modern digital marketing design currently tends to make this type of operation effective.

Commission for installation and download (CPI)

Similar to the previous one, it is distinguished by being digital or computer-type products. For this same reason, its traffic is usually somewhat higher and even recurring due to the constant need for updates. In fact, it is very convenient since it is often necessary to have test groups for new applications.

Commission per Lead (CPL)

One of the most balanced; in this case what is required is to fill out a form with a series of requested data. It is very convenient to maximize the possibility of long-term clients because it is the natural heir to email marketing.

On the other hand, this is one of the most used mechanisms to gather essential statistical information to develop solid marketing strategies. This is what makes it one of the most used options by the best CPA networks to get income from users.

Commissions per click (CPC)

This is also one of the biggest references in current digital marketing. What is counted for this modality is the number of clicks made on a certain link. This forces the advertising design to intelligently comply with certain characteristics. In addition, it is essential to achieve consistency with the content that motivates you to make that much-sought-after click.

Obviously, it is one of the companies that report the least benefits due to its low convertibility, although its simplicity is also one of its strengths. For end users it is an ideal option if what you want is a purely mechanical activity.

Commission per thousand impressions (CPM)

This is perhaps the oldest form and at the same times the one with the worst fame. The term “impressions” refers to views by users when accessing the site. It is based on this methodology that the practice of intrusive advertising in multiple web spaces is usually founded.

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With the development of different ad blockers, this is the one that has been harmed the most, but today it is still the most prevalent. A measured and reasoned use provides great benefits that also do not depend on any action on the part of the users.

CPA Offer Types

SOI offer

SOI is the acronym for “Simple Opt-In”, that is, it is a simple email record. You receive a payment for each person you manage to leave their email in a form and this user does not have to pay anything, they just have to place their email on a web page with an email registration entry.

DOI offer

DOI is the acronym for “Double Opt-In”, that is, it is a record of the email with confirmation. Then the person must receive the Email and confirm that their Email is real. You receive a payment for each person who confirms their Email and does not need the user to make a payment since it can be a lead acquisition offer.

CPI offer

CPI is the “Cost per Installation”. Bear in mind that there are offers for certain operating systems and you must take into account whether the offer applies for Mobile on iPhone, Android or if it is for Desktop on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Take these details into account when sending traffic to a CPI offer.


If you want to explore this source of income and become a CPA Marketer, you must study the offers in each CPA network, sign up for them, and have a good relationship with the manager assigned to you. It is not easy to enter as you have to fill out an admission form and pass an evaluation. But mainly the advantage in this business is in your knowledge in tracking and optimizing the Internet traffic.

You must also master these types of traffic:

  1. Native
  2. Contextual
  3. Pop
  4. Display
  5. PUSH notifications
  6. Search Network
  7. Social

In the case of Facebook Ads, it is considered Native traffic, and Google Ads has to Search and Display traffic. There are other sources of traffic that are not well known by the vast majority of marketers but are known to CPA Marketers.

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