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If you are ready to earn $500 to $5,000 in a month via affiliate marketing, then keep reading this blog. I will share different strategies that will allow you to make your own income with affiliate marketing. Ask yourself, do you want to generate thousands of dollars in a month as an affiliate? If your answer is yes, then keep in mind these basic points.

  1. You must select the right programs to start affiliate marketing.
  2. You must be professional and expert in order to be more successful.
  3. You must increase traffic and conversions on your page.

Here, I am going to share with you different strategies that I am still using. These different strategies allowed me to produce a healthy amount of dollars. Yes, keep reading.., these strategies will change your life too.

Is it possible to earn as an affiliate?

Well, the winning possibilities are endless. You get a good percent for each sale. For example, with Clickbank, the earnings that affiliates generate per sale are 30% to 75%. If you sell a product that costs $ 60, your commission would be $ 45.

Doing the math, by selling 1 product daily you would earn $ 1,350 a month, by selling 2 products a day the monthly earnings would be $ 2,700 a month, and so on. When a person starts his work by joining an affiliate program, in order to diversify him always join a variety of companies. You also create multiple blogs, not just one. Here is an example of my earnings from this blog Virtual World in two affiliate networks.

1: Make a blog and offer content:

Yes, a blog can allow you to compile a list of subscribers, insert banners or links, and even create a community that you trust and through this sell or recommend products and obtain benefits from marketing affiliation. You can also earn a good amount of money by engaging visitors. After getting good traffic, you can convert these visitors into customers. For business purposes, you just need to create a professional blog. A blog will allow you to have a cover letter and generate it online, but it is not as easy as they seem. You must invest money in advertising, and invest time to generate content that captures leads and builds trust. At this point, it is important that you know about copywriting and that you understand how you can take your blog readers from reading to action. It is something that is generated step by step and that you need to learn. Copywriting is selling with words and convincing with the text, you not only need to know how to write, but you must also know the main fundamentals of advertising so that your texts convert.

2: Sell info-products:

There are many platforms on which you can sell your products. You can sell info-products through email marketing campaigns, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram ads and get a cost-benefit ratio, where the investment in advertising is less than the sale of the product. This seems simple but it is not, you must do good campaigns, know something about Facebook Ads or Google Adwords and their policies and also design good banners or eye-catching copywriting that persuades. I recommend the following course on Instagram monetization as a Marketing and Sales tool, which I did and it was very good.

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Instagram is still the social network that generates the most sales possibilities, so if you know how to boost your engagement and generate followers on Instagram or convert advertising, you will have a good chance of generating profits through the sale of info products, it is a good way to generate income online.

3: Write in forums and groups offering the info-products:  

This is one of the most used forms in affiliate marketing. For this you must know certain rules, one is to be constant and collect information. The other is to choose a product, preferably one that you have already tried, and only promote that product.

It must be a product that pays you more than 50%, in addition, the Call to Action – must be good. There are many techniques, but it is not the best way to generate income by this means, you have its multiple disadvantages, such as falling for SPAM in the group or forum and being penalized or getting few conversions.

4: Video marketing and Facebook ads:

This tool is powerful and you can sell each kind of product, not just info-products, you can, for example, redirect to Amazon and if the person buys through your affiliate link you earn a percentage. Likewise, you must know how ADS marketing works. I insist that you take a course. I also recommend you, the truth is pretty good. You should learn to create and launch profitable advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram Ads to Earn Money.

Video marketing turns out to be very effective nowadays, if you don’t know how to edit, don’t worry, most products already come with their own video, you just have to know in-depth that how to generate sales funnels or simply know how the niche you have selected going to works.

5: Fiverr

One of the affiliate programs that have given me the most satisfaction has been Fiverr. I recommend it to most people.

The list of services and products that you can offer on Fiverr is unimaginably long. On this platform it is possible to earn money doing translations, designing brochures, making a logo, programming an application, even sending a video reading a person’s astrological chart, the options are endless. Basically, everything that can be sent digitally can be done on Fiverr, in fact, if you browse the platform, you can come across some really fun stuff.

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This is a list of the most successful career areas:

  • Web, mobile, and software development.
  • Writing and translation.
  • Design and creativity.
  • Digital marketing and sales.
  • Music and audio consulting.
  • Legal advice.
  • Entertainment and fun.
  • Customer service.
  • Production, animation, and video editing.

I hope you start increasing your income with these 4 ways to take advantage of affiliate marketing.

6: Email marketing

Finally, to earn money with affiliation, you can use email marketing. Email marketing is one of the best solutions to gather potential subscribers. While doing so, you just need to create a mailing list. You can collect the mailing list via YouTube, Instagram, or creating a blog. Mail Chimp is one of the best tools to collect and send emails to all your list of emails. In this method, you can send emails to your list of subscribers. To encourage people to subscribe to your page, you can offer them something better in return. People usually offer different gifts to motivate them. Then you can add these subscribers to your priority list and then they will receive an automatic mail. This step will also boost your website and you get a healthy chance to earn income. If you have a blog you can also boost your number of subscribers by displaying a registration form in a small popup (or other highlight formats) with HelloBar or OptinMonster.

You can then frequently send an email to subscribers to keep them coming back to our blog. You can always give more information, maintain contact, create engaging content. And of course, you can also use this mailing list to promote affiliate links consistent with the theme.


By becoming an affiliate, you can earn passive income through your website. As your audience grows, so will your earnings. This is what you can do to start joining an affiliate program:

Find a company with which you want to affiliate or register with their affiliate network. Get approval from the company and discuss the partnership if possible. Display ads and promote the brand on your website. Use the strategy proposed in this article to increase the chances of making more money.

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