7 Mistakes to avoid when starting CPA marketing


CPA marketing is a large business market that has the potential to generate a passive income stream for many people. But, this is not exactly the easiest market to enter. Big money always comes from great competition, and like any other business, mistakes can hit you before your site can get a chance to take off. Today we will talk about the 7 Mistakes to avoid when starting CPA marketing.

  1. Choose the wrong niche
  2. Underestimate the content
  3. Ignore SEO
  4. Unrealistic income expectations
  5. Ignore site performance
  6. Don’t extend your reach
  7. Losing focus

1: Choose the wrong niche

When we say choose the wrong niche, it does not mean that there are bad niches, but rather it is about choosing a niche that does not suit you, with what you really like and what you really know. Successful affiliate marketing often involves a fair amount of passion.

An example of this is the sale of health products, such as supplements or organic foods.

The market for health products is huge and is one of the most profitable categories for affiliate marketing, along with the mattress industry and its multi-million dollar competent like the international branded mattress. However, if you have zero product experience or little knowledge of the industry, it can be more of a challenge just to intervene.

For this reason, we recommend above all things that you choose an affiliate marketing niche in which, even if you do not know it completely, you feel a great interest.

2: Underestimate the content

In CPA marketing, one of the main strengths of the business is content. Building quality content to engage visitors is vital to the long-term capability of your site. It serves to attract and retain visitors.

However, remember that it is not only about attracting visitors to your site but also about convincing them to spend their money. Based on this, we recommend that before writing about something you carry out the necessary research and, if possible, use it personally, in this way you can write properly. By reading an article, your visitors can easily detect whether you are speaking from experience or making a blind sale. In addition, a negative impact on your readers will affect your results in parallel.

Take as an example a web hosting service reviews site, ideally, it has real tests that generate useful data for its visitors, such as measuring how good the performance of the providers is.

Building trust in your readers is of vital importance and one of the key ways to achieve this is by providing them with quality information.

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3: Ignore SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is about how well you can attract visitors to your site through organic means. Writing quality content is only part of the battle, you need to format it correctly to earn the top ranking on search engines like Google.

If you have very complete content but it is not optimized for your search, all your effort will lose meaning. SEO is not something that can be used as a last-minute practice. It must be planned in advance, even before writing your articles.

Make sure to carry out SEO research before planning your article list. In this way, you will have a guide on which articles and formats will be of great value for your niche.

4: Unrealistic income expectations

If the only reason you are getting into affiliate marketing is money, you may be in for a bitter surprise. As a newbie, you need to get more knowledge about affiliate programs. Reading more stories of marketers will make huge monthly commissions. While this may be true in some cases, the reality is that getting to that stage takes a lot of commitment, in time, effort, and sometimes money. Think about the time it will take to research, craft, and even optimize an article, and then multiply that by a hundred.

At the same time, you should continually review all your articles, while paying and maintaining your web hosting account. It gets worse if you add to this having to hold a first full-time job since your free hours are even more limited.

Simply put, what we mean is that building the drive to own a successful affiliate marketing site takes time – don’t expect to earn too much in your first year.

5: Ignore site performance

While we have put a lot of stress on content throughout this post, there is a tendency in affiliate marketing to ignore other website factors. If you are not paying attention to the speed and performance of your site, you could lose sales in the long run.

It is proven that slow websites tend to have less traffic (and therefore less income) than fast sites. It is also true that paying for a powerful web host could be one way around this, but there are many things you can do to optimize your website for better performance.

For example, by enabling grip and image compression on your host, you will speed up your site considerably. Even the theme you choose for your site can greatly affect its performance!

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6: Do not extend your reach

Besides SEO, there are other ways that you can increase your visitor count. Today, the internet is packed with content and websites, so it’s not practical to always trust people to find your site.

This being the case, one idea is that you use your site to create an email list. You can take advantage of a powerful tool used by many successful sites, they are using email marketing. With this technique, you will have the power to communicate directly with a group of clients who have already expressed some kind of interest in the topics you share.

There are many email marketing tools that work well with popular content management systems like WordPress, and if used correctly they will be an important part of your sales strategies.

7: Losing focus

When website traffic starts to pile up, it can be tempting to monetize more. This could mean getting into other forms of advertising like Google Ads or even taking advantage of YouTube, but remember more things will affect your site’s performance even more.

Stay focused on your niche and don’t try to dominate your audience. Stay relevant and keep moving them towards your main sale, the niche in which you are really involved. Many forms of advertising do not allow you to have control over what they show, which can be inconvenient.

If you really want to advertise something else, at least try to make sure it is related in some way to your top-selling products.


To be honest, what we have mentioned in this article is just the tip of a very large iceberg. The affiliate marketing business is risky, but done the right way it can be a good source of income for a long time.

In affiliate marketing, it can be very easy to end up focusing on numbers and data without understanding that many ends up forgetting the most crucial element of all, individual visitors.

Always remember that a visitor is a customer. How well you please your customer is likely what determines the success of your business. Your readers affect both your sales and your reputation. Remember as you plan your content, you’ll be convincing them to spend their hard-earned money.

Finally, be dedicated. Only with perseverance can you overcome the most difficult years, the first. Prepare to solve problems, face long periods of no income, and face the constant changes of Google.

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